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Garage Organization Made Beautiful

Take Your Garage From Grungy to Grand

Many solutions for garage organization are available, but how do you know which options suit your space, lifestyle, and budget? NEO Custom Closets can design and install garage storage solutions that meet your needs, from the simplest closet to an integrative system of modular components.

Rethinking the Garage Space

A garage is, by design and definition, primarily for vehicle storage. However, almost every modern family uses this valuable space for more than parking cars.

In most households, the garage serves as a substitute or additional outbuilding, basement, or attic. Additionally, this area may be set up as a laundry facility during initial construction.

Even with a couple of cars and a washer and dryer, your garage offers plenty of usable space—especially along the walls. The trick is to maximize that space's function and aesthetic appeal with sleek, custom-fitted cabinetry.

By organizing and finishing your garage, you can put this valuable square footage to good use and increase your home's value. Simply follow this two-step guide to making the garage a more functional part of your house.

1. Establish Your Garage Organization Goals

For many families, the garage becomes a dumping ground for bulky , dirty , or infrequently used items. Like most folks, you've probably attempted to get organized in the garage by rigging up open shelving or stacking totes and cardboard boxes to the ceiling.

The first step in organizing your garage is to list all the categories of items you wish to store there, as well as the activities you wish to perform there.

Determining What to Store in the Garage

Do you use your garage space to store

  • lawn care equipment
  • sports equipment
  • chemicals
  • documents
  • off-season clothing and bedding
  • games and toys
  • laundry supplies
  • pet supplies
  • seasonal and holiday decorations ?

Add any other items you can think of. Once you've decided what to store in your garage, you should also figure out if you want to use your garage as a living space.

Using Your Garage as an Extension of Your Living Space

Every room of your home serves multiple functions. Your kitchen is primarily for cooking and eating, but you may also use this space to pay bills, study, or work on crafts.

List all the ways that people in your household actively use—or would like to use—the garage. Do you use this area as a

  • workshop
  • office
  • hobby or craft room
  • play area
  • man cave
  • laundry room
  • guest room?

Next, you can explore your garage organization options.

2. Organize Your Garage With Custom Storage Solutions

Now that you know exactly how you want your garage to work for you, you can install the storage solutions that will serve you best. NEO Custom Closets follows a four-step process that focuses on you at every phase of the project.

  • Consult: Schedule an appointment with a NEO Custom Closets design consultant for a space analysis. You can share the lists you've made (above) with the consultant.
  • Design: The consultant create s a 3-D rendering of your garage and show you how different design options will look once installed. This technology tells you exactly what to expect, so you can make the best choice for your home.
  • Estimate: Once you 've chosen a design or two, the consultantgive s you an estimate of the time and costs.
  • Install: NEO Custom Closets installs your cabinetry with the utmost care and courtesy.

Why Choose NEO Custom Closets for Garage Organization?

Here are just a few reasons to select NEO Custom Closets for your garage cabinetry installation:

  • A lifetime guarantee on all cabinetry
  • Numerous styles and finishes
  • Smart design options, such as floating cabinets and sliding doors
  • Easy-access doors and drawers
  • Top-quality materials and hardware

NEO Custom Closets offers much more than closets. We can install drawers, countertops, wall grids, overhead racks, and accessories to create a fully customized and functional organizing system for your garage.

Visualize Your New Garage

These links will help you start dreaming about the possibilities for your garage organization installation:

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