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NEO Custom Closets FAQs

You’ve got questions. NEO Custom Closets has the answers. Here are some of the questions we are frequently asked.  If you don’t see yours here, feel free to contact us

Do you need to maximize space due to small or non-existent closets? Or do you need to organize hundreds of pounds of clothing and shoes, and other items within a neat and organized framework?

At some point you must decide the level of quality as well as a budget for your closets. Custom closet units range from full size, floor-based systems, which rest on the floor and incorporate numerous storage options, to wall-hung or "half-hung" systems which are suspended from the wall that provide basic hanging and shelving.

A custom closet system must maintain its structural integrity under heavy and changing load conditions so that shelves and rods continue to be easily adjustable and do not sag or warp. This requires that the finished installation be both square and plumb.

This means all vertical panels are parallel, which insures perfect adjustability; and the unit is not leaning in any direction, which promotes smooth, long-term door and drawer construction and operation.

A custom closet, as you would expect, is higher in quality, offers more efficient space utilization and often is the best value for your investment. Retail products often utilize paper lamination which is thin and subject to pealing, tearing, and scratching. Many retail products are displayed high off the ground so that the consumer can't look closely at the product or out of fear that the product will be damaged due to general inspection by the consumer.

The most progressive custom closet companies use European designed and manufactured hardware components.

This hardware is specifically designed to provide precise connection and three dimensional adjustability to insure a perfect fit and long term, trouble free operation of doors, drawers, baskets, and all your accessories.

Many different materials and finishes are offered by closet companies. These range from inexpensive wire and imported press board to the higher grades of particleboard. Although particleboard is available in many grades, "Industrial Grade" is the strongest and densest - therefore being a dimensionally stable material with the highest resistance to warping and cracking. Because of the weight of clothing items, the use of light-weight structural materials, wire mesh, and anything thinner than 5/8" is not recommended.

All our adjustable shelves are pinned from underneath, meaning the shelves cannot slide out. Most other manufacturers use flat pins that allow the shelves to slide out unexpectedly. Also, our hang rods and brackets are screwed tight to the adjoining panels. Other manufacturers rods sit loose in the brackets and the brackets are not screwed into the panels allowing them to become unseated.

Look for a company that provides factory trained installers of the product that they represent. Since there are many options on the marketplace make sure the product that is being represented is a nationally recognized name that you can trust to insure your warranty will be honored if needed. Product will on occasion fail so make sure you work with a company that is representing a stable nationally recognized product line.

Here you will encounter the major differences between closet companies. The better firms are represented by trained closet designers who should take the time to meet you in your home, measure your closets, inventory your clothes, and prepare a design that fits your needs. They carry with them samples of the materials along with photos of completed closets, and do not hesitate to offer referrals when asked.

Designs should be professionally done by a fully trained Design Specialist from the manufacturer and utilize the latest computer design software in the industry. This will provide the client with a 3D perspective of the final product. It is very important that you understand what you are buying. Professional Design Specialists offering such services will often charge a nominal fee that is applied to the final purchase.

Also remember, the initial consultation with the custom closet company is a good indication of what is to follow.

Of course, the company you choose for your custom closet is the key choice you will make. All custom closet companies are NOT the same. Evaluate how you were treated from the time you called for your first appointment.

Were you treated courteously on the phone? Was the office able to schedule an appointment for you at a time that worked best for you, or were you forced to wait for a call-back? Scheduling flexibility is also important since most home owners work and may not be available during normal business hours. Are they also willing to work evenings and weekends and can they easily be reached during non-traditional business hours.

Was the designer on time for your consultation? Was time and care spent on creating a plan that best fits your needs?

Overall, did you feel you were dealing with a truly professional operation?

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